Inhaling with PARI SINUS

Connect the tube to the lower section of the nebulizer.
Open the hinged cap on the upper section of the nebulizer by pushing it up with your thumb.
Place the nebulizer in its holder in the compressor.

Pour the amount of medication prescribed by your physician from the top into the nebulizer cup. Do not fill past the maximum fill line.
Close the hinged cap of the nebulizer. Make sure the cap clicks in place.

Push the Bolus tube into the connector and the connector into the upper section of the nebulizer. Connect both tubes to the Pari Sinus compressor.
Observe the instructions in the compressor’s user manual. 

Sit in a relaxed, upright position. 
Position the nose plug into one nostril. The nose plug has a small opening to ensure defined resistance during inhalation.
Remove the nebulizer from its holder and hold it vertically. Position the nasal adapter gently into the other nostril so the nostril is closed tightly.

Switch the compressor on.
Open your mouth and close off the lower airways:
Your lower airways close automatically if you open your mouth very wide.
Or, if you do not open your mouth very wide, you must press your tongue against the back of the roof of your mouth.
Or, say the letter “K” and pause in the middle as you are making the sound.
Or, if you say “ing” and hold your tongue against the back of the roof of your mouth, your lower airways will remain closed.
Your lower airways are closed when your nostrils vibrate lightly. 

During the therapy, do not inhale or exhale through either your nose or mouth.
To breathe, you can take short pauses and breathe through your mouth. After breathing in and out, close your lower airways again and continue with the therapy. The therapy lasts about 5 minutes. Give equal time to both nostrils, about 2½ minutes each.

Switch the compressor off and place the nebulizer back in its holder.
Clean the nebulizer and its parts each time after use and disinfect them at least once daily. Please observe the cleaning and disinfection instructions in the user manual.