Metered Dose Inhalers

In a metered dose inhaler the drug is placed in a pressurized container together with the propellant gas. In Respimat inhaler the propellant is just air pressurized by spring force. From metered dose inhalers after actuation the aerosol will be released even if the patient does not inhale accordingly. This is in contrast to dry powder inhalers 

  • Prepare inhalation:
    • Remove the protecting cap.
    • Hold metered dose inhaler between your thumb and your middle finger, ("thumb and mouth piece down") and shake strongly (shaking may be omitted if the spray contains HFA as power gas and the agent is available as solution).
  • Breath out:
    • Breath out slowly and relaxed, the mouth piece shall be enclosed tightly with the lips.
  • Release inhalation and breath in:
    • Lean your head lightly back. 
    • Actuate inhaler by pushing the metal container downward and breath in at the same time slowly and as deep as possible.
  • Hold your breath:
    • Hold your breath for roughly 5-10 seconds
  • Breath out:
    • Breath out slowly.
    • Clip the protective cap on the metered dose inhaler.

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