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This website is not sponsored by advertising. We are a registered, charitable association and our website is supported by the contributions of our members and donations.

Our website informs patients and doctors interested in respiratory and lung diseases, but like any other web based information can never replace a true physician-patient relationship.

About us

The Deutsche Atemwegsliga e.V. (German Respiratory League) was founded in 1979

Some of its obligations are

  • raising awareness in public and patients for all lung diseases
  • continuous medical education for physicians about new developments in medicine and health care
  • designing and supporting programs for screening, prevention and early diagnosis of all respiratory diseases
  • support of quality management in diagnostics and therapy

The German Respiratory League approaches patients suffering from respiratory diseases, family physicians, respiratory specialists and everybody else interested in respiratory diseases.

We help to translate new scientific developments into daily practice.


From right to left
Prof. Dr. Carl-Peter Criée (chairman)
Prof. Dr. Heinrich Worth (deputy chairman)
Prof. Dr. Wolfram Windisch (deputy chairman)
Dr. Peter Kardos (treasurer)
Prof. Dr. Christian Taube (sekretary)