Inhalation with the Elpenhaler

Open the storage compartment by lifting up the latch on the front. Then take out a blister strip and close the storage compartment again. Open the transparent cover to the side and fold the mouthpiece to the back. The two “cups” on the blister strip now fit into the cavities in the supporting surface. Place the blister strip on the supporting surface by putting the hole of the blister strip around the attachment point and applying light pressure. The little elevations on the right and left also serve as guides and ensure that the blister strip is in the correct position. Close the mouthpiece again and strongly pull away the projecting end of the blister strip.

Please sit upright and breathe out slowly, but not into the Elpenhaler.

Then put the mouthpiece into your mouth and enclose your lips tightly around it. Now inhale slowly and deeply through your mouth.

After inhaling, please hold your breath for 5 to 10 seconds. Thereafter you can breathe out slowly.

Close the mouthpiece with light pressure by folding it to the back. Then control the “cups” in the blister strip. If they are empty, the inhalation was successful. The blister strip can then be disposed of.

Please clean the supporting surface and the mouthpiece with a dry cloth after each use. Do not use water to clean the Elpenhaler. Then close the transparent cover.

Please rinse your mouth after use and eat something to prevent oral yeast infections.

Please read the package information leaflet carefully before use. If you are not certain whether you are using your inhaler correctly, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

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