The Pari Pep S system must be used as instructed by your physician or physiotherapist.

The Pari Pep S system allows a combination of positive expiratory pressure with inhalation therapy for secretion clearance in patients suffering from acute and chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tract. The PEP therapy may be used alone or in combination with inhalation therapy.

For combination therapy, remove the mouthpiece with the expiratory valve from the nebulizer. Slide the setting ring over the connecting element. Attach the connecting element to the nebulizer.

Attach the enclosed mouthpiece without an expiratory valve to the connecting element. If you do not use a manometer, close the manometer port with the cap.

Use the desired expiration resistance setting and select the appropriate opening of the PEP S setting ring. Pull the PEP S setting ring back far enough until the grooved slot is free of the ridge on the connecting element. You should be able to turn the setting ring easily in both directions.

Now turn the setting ring on the connecting element and align the grooved slot with the ridge of the selected setting.

For an ideal PEP S therapy, avoid exhaling through the nose. Please use the nose clip.

Now perform the inhalation therapy as shown.