Inhaling with eFlow® rapid

eFlow rapid comprises a nebulizer and controller. These are connected together with a cord.

Please check these parts before each use.

Open the medication reservoir and fill the chamber with the medication prescribed by your physician. Do not fill the medication past the maximum fill line.

Close the medication reservoir by aligning the tabs on the medication cap with the tab slots on the medication reservoir. Rotate the cap clockwise while pressing lightly until it stops. The closing mechanism is functioning properly if the cap seal moves up flush with the top.

Sit in an upright position.
Place the mouthpiece on your bottom lip and tongue and close your lips around it.
Your lips should not touch the blue exhaust valve.
Hold the nebulizer handset level.

Press the ON/OFF button on the controller.
An acoustic signal and an illuminated green LED indicate that the device is functioning properly.

Breathe in and out as deeply as possible through the mouthpiece.
The mouthpiece can remain in your mouth when exhaling. Do not exhale through the nose.
If you cannot inhale with the mouthpiece, you may use a mask instead.

You can interrupt the inhalation by pausing the device at any time. Press and hold the controller’s ON/OFF button down for about one second. The pause mode is activated when the LED flashes green.

To resume inhaling, press and hold the ON/OFF button again for about one second.
eFlow rapid will shut off automatically once the medication has been used up or after 20 minutes.
The treatment duration depends on the type and quantity of medication.

If you have inhaled properly, the display will switch to the dose complete screen.

Please read the cleaning instructions in the user manual and follow them carefully in order to avoid any health risk, for example, from an infection caused by a contaminated nebulizer.

If you are not sure, whether you are using your inhaler correctly, please ask your doctor or contact the distributor or manufacturer respectively.