Please sit upright. Then remove the protective cap by pulling the little projection on the back forwards. Now press the lever on the far side of the mouthpiece upwards until it clicks into place. Take the Autohaler into your hand in an upright position without covering the air vents at the bottom in the process.


Now please breathe out slowly, but not into the inhaler, and tilt you head back slightly. Put the mouthpiece and enclose your lips tightly around it. Now inhale through your mouth as slowly and deeply as possible, until a click indicates that the medication has been released. After inhaling, please hold your breath for 5 to 10 seconds. Thereafter you can breathe out slowly, but not into the inhaler.

Please replace the cap and press the lever on the far side of the mouthpiece downwards after the inhalation is completed. Please hold the metered dose inhaler upright for half a minute before a possible second inhalation.

If you have to inhale corticosteroids, please rinse your mouth after use and eat something to prevent oral yeast infections.

Please read the package information leaflet carefully before use. If you are not certain whether you are using your inhaler correctly, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

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