Using the Genuair Inhaler

Please remove the protective cap by gently pressing together the arrows visible on the side. Ensure that the mouthpiece is not blocked. Then hold the inhaler horizontally with the mouthpiece directed towards you and the green button straight upwards. Press the green button all the way down and then release it again. Do not keep the green button pressed down. Ensure that the dosage for the inhalation is ready. This is evident if the colour-coded control window is green. Should the coloured control window remain red, press the green button yet again and subsequently release it.

Please sit upright. Breathe out completely, but not into the inhaler. Put the mouthpiece in your mouth and enclose your lips tightly around it before inhaling through it as strongly and deeply as possible. You will hear a click while you are inhaling, which indicates that you are using the inhaler correctly. Continue to inhale after this click to ensure that you inhale the entire dosage.   

Remove the inhaler from your mouth and hold your breath for 5 to 10 seconds if possible.

Thereafter please breathe out slowly yet again.

Ensure that the coloured control window is now red. This confirms that you have inhaled the complete dosage properly. If the control window is still green, please repeat the inhalation.

It is not usually necessary to clean the inhaler. Should you want to clean it nevertheless, wipe the mouthpiece with a dry kitchen cloth or paper handkerchief. Never use water to clean it.

Please replace the cap by pressing it back on the mouthpiece.

The inhaler has a dosage indicator that indicates the number of dosages remaining in the inhaler. The dosage indicator counts downwards in decimal steps. You are approaching the last dosage when a red striped line appears in the dosage indicator. The inhaler is empty when the green button is blocked in a central position.

Please read the package information leaflet carefully before use.If you are not certain whether you are using your inhaler correctly, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

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