Inhalation with PARI BOY

Please wash your hands thoroughly before you begin inhalation.

Using light pressure, push the nozzle attachment into the lower section of the nebulizer until it stops. The arrow on the nozzle attachment will point upwards. Place the upper section of the nebulizer on its lower section and rotate clockwise to screw them together.

Now place the mouthpiece on the upper section of the nebulizer.

Connect the tube to the nebulizer and compressor.

Open the hinged cap on the upper section of the nebulizer and pour the amount of medication prescribed by your physician from the top into the cup. Do not fill past the maximum fill line. Close the hinged cap of the nebulizer. Make sure the cap clicks in place.

Sit in a relaxed, upright position.
Switch the compressor on.
Place the mouthpiece between your teeth and close your lips around it tightly.

Inhale deeply and as slowly as possible through the mouthpiece and exhale relaxed.

Continue to inhale until the medication has been used up.

This may take a few minutes. When the inhalation is over, the sound from the device will change.  

Shut the compressor off as soon as you finish inhaling.

When using a nebulizer with a PIF control system, the integrated system will generate resistance if you breathe too rapidly. As soon as you sense some resistance, try to slow down your breathing until you feel no extra resistance. This improves the absorption of medication in your lower respiratory tracts. 

Please clean and disinfect the nebulizer as shown in the user manual.

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